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So… We just realised… our little app, designed to help non league and budding commentators… has charted number 130 (now risen to 108) in free sports apps on AppStore… Which if you consider there’s thousands.. and we are just a little startup.. Thanks to all our Pundits and Clubs #SoProud

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YOU WILL NOW BE ABLE TO LISTEN LIVE TO OUR KENT RELIANCE COUNTY CUP FINALS FROM YOUR PHONE! Kent FA is delighted to announce a new partnership with Pundit Sports for the 2018 Kent Reliance County Cup Finals. This partnership will mean that you will be able to listen in

Let’s talk microphones… There’s loads, LOADS! It’s a minefield, with condenser mics, cardoid, hyper cardoid mics, which mic is going to best suit your commentary without breaking the bank? And where do you start?? Well thankfully you don’t need to fork out fortunes to get a good sound for your

Matches broadcast left right and centre across loads of leagues this weekend, we had the pleasure of heading to Leatherhead to meet up with the Wealdstone Raider and see one of the most thrilling clashes i’ve seen this year. Back up to Billericay for the replay, reminds me why FA

Always a banger Firstly lets say welcome to our new clubs broadcasting using Pundit… Hungerford Town, Carlshalton, Cray Wanderers and Dulwich all coming on board to join us this week, so Bonjour! and Enjoy 🙂 FA Cup round one time, and we are so excited to have tickets to Leatherhead

Non-League football is about to get a new lease of life With more and more apps being introduced for non-league football Pundit aims to break the wall between non-league and league football! Stay tuned for more info, competitions and ways to get involved.   Is your club on Pundit? Missing